Our Visit with Marilu

Yesterday my colleagues and I were blessed to have Ms. Marilu Trujillo in our class. Marilu is a graphic designer/fine artist & is also a 2009 graduate of our design and multimedia program at Keiser University. Since her graduation, she has became a freelance designer, mainly working on projects for her friends & for her church and she recently came back from Havant,England where she was doing a Internship for the company SIM720. Her short-term goal is to return to England via work visa & eventually become a natural resident there. She would also like to own her own business one day.

Even though she graced us with her sweet presence & wowed my colleagues and I with her amazing previous projects, she did give us some advice that I would like to share with each and every one of you:

1. Before you begin any project, do your research first!

2. Brand yourself, get out in the world and tell the public that you are a Graphic Designer & show them your work!

3. With every project, spacing between text is crucial.

Overall, it was a real treat having Marilu stop by and visit our class. I wish nothing but best wishes for both her & her boyfriend, their futures. If you would like to see some of her amazing work, please visit http://marilutrujillo.com/. Have a blessed day one and all! 🙂



AIGA Morning Leak Summary

One of the highlights of my 28thBirthdaywas going to one of my favorite AIGA events, “The Morning Leak”. Once again I wasamazed and super impressed by each presenters work. Without further delay ladies and gentlemen, the morning leak summary.


The first presenter of the day was Katya Cajas, a graduate of UNF originally from Guatemala. The first piece of work that she presented was a “Family Force Five” band redesign, which I thought was absolutely amazing work. I was also impressed with her “Olalli Tea” package design work as well. Just by looking at her final identities I could tell that a lot of compassion,hard work,love, and time was placed in these two projects. Great Job Katya, you are a great graphic designer & photographer. Love all of the work that you presented!

The second presenter of the day was Corey Kolb a brilliant Jacksonville web designer & fine artist

He and his team decided to take their Graphic Design skills and make downtown Jacksonville look fabulous. I was especially impressed with his “Rise From The Ashes” Illustration, which was nothing short of amazing. Kudos to you Corey, you and your colleagues please continue to make downtown Jacksonville fabulous!

The third presenter of the day was Eric Hinote, a e-mail developer at DME Automotive, he is also Corey’s colleague as well. When I first laid eyes on his amazing e-mail design, I was very impressed, informative and great design all in one. I also loved his e-mail template as well. It was a very clean & professional design. Impressive work Eric, when it comes to creating e-mails, you rock!

The fourth presenter of the day was Adam Price, a Army Veteran & Graphic Designer. His photography and graphic design skills definitely shine in every piece of work that he creates, I was blessed to see three pieces of his work today. Another thing that really impressed me was the fact that he even uses his past military experience in some of his work. Wonderful job Adam, you are a awesome graphic designer & thank you so very much for serving our country!

The fifth and final presenter was Dennis Eusebio, a local Graphic Designer with a true passion for design & technology. The project that he presented to us today was a online application for “Built For-Brand Development.” Once again I was blessed to see another clean & professional design created with love. Fantastic Job Dennis, Keep up the brilliant work!

Overall, I was blessed to attend such a wonderful morning leak, as well as another awesome cup of Starbucks coffee. Every time that I hear of this event, I am like a kid in a candy store. I also love the fact that I not only get to see the latest design trends from amazing graphic designers, but I also get to spend time with some of my most favorite people, my instructor/mentor and colleagues/friends. Until next blog, have a wonderful & blessed day!