Chapter Numero Uno: Introduction To The Internet & World Wide Web (Chapter 1)

Checkpoint #1.1 Questions Page 8


1.Describe the difference between the internet and the web.

The internet is a public, World-wide connected network of various computer networks.  The World Wide Web however is defined as a graphical user interface that web servers connect to the internet with. The web has been classified as a “subset” to the internet.


2.Explain three events that contributed to the commercialization and exponential growth of the internet.

  • By the early 1990’s, many personal computers became increasingly available that also came with easy to use graphical operating systems.
  • In 1993, Marc Andreessen & University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign graduate students launched the first graphical web browser, Mosaic. Some of the graduate students later on developed The Netscape Navigator web browser.
  • In 1991, Tim Berners-Lee created the world wide web, as well as the codes HTTP & HTML.


3. Is the concept of universal design important to web developers? Explain your answer.

Yes, without universal design many people with various disabilities would not be able to use the web.


Checkpoint 1.2 Questions Page 14


1.Describe the components of the client/server model as applied to the internet.

When a web client is a computer running a browser software application, the computer will be connected to the internet only when it is needed. In regard to web browser software, it uses HTTP to both request web pages & other related sources.





2.Identify two protocols used on the internet to convey information that use the internet, but do not use the web.

  • E-mail messages- E-mail messages are transmitted via internet, SMTP will send the e-mail message to the recipient, and IMAP will be used by the recipient to view the e-mail message.
  • FTP- can be used to send & receive files with a computer connected to the internet.





3.Explain the similarities between a URL and a domain name.

The similarities between a URL & a domain name are as follows:

  • The URL represents the address of the resource via the internet. It also consists of a protocol as well.
  • The Domain name locates an organization or other entity via the internet. It is also associated with a unique IP address & is a key component in a url.

 Focus On Web Design Page 22

1. Visit a website that interests you. Print the homepage or one other pertinent page from the site. Write a one page summary of the site that addresses the following topics:

  • What is the URL of the site?
  • What is the purpose of the site?
  • Who is the intended audience?
  • Do you think that the site reaches its intended audience? Why or why not?
  • Does this site appeal to you? Why or why not? Consider the colors,images,multimedia,organization,and ease of navigation.
  • Would you encourage others to visit this site? Why or why not?
  • How could this site be improved?


The website that I chose was Facebook ( The main purpose of Facebook’s site is to connect with family,friends,colleagues, etc. via long-distance communication. The intended audience is both male & females between the ages of 13-85. Is this site useful to me? yes. I say yes due to the fact that Facebook has made it much easier for me to keep up with all of my family and friends,but also helps me to stay in touch with my colleagues & helps keep me up to date on my schoolwork.  I do believe that this site does reach the intended audience due to the fact that facebook makes it easy to use all of the applications that they provide on their site. I also believe that it does reach the intended audience because they provide all applications to various audiences as well. I would definitely  encourage others to visit and sign up for Facebook because of all the benefits that Facebook provides for both the young & the old. Although there are many benefits to Facebook, the site does have its drawbacks. Even though there are many great applications & services that Facebook provides, they tend to have “glitches” every once in a while that can be improved on more. I also dislike how the report process when wrongdoing is done. Sometimes Facebook allows wrongdoing to go so far that it literally has to “hit the fan” before Facebook takes action. Granted, they have been making improvements to make Facebook a more safer and friendly social website, but  they still are rough around the edges.