The Importance Of Visual Communication

ImageHello my fellow colleagues & blog readers, I am back! Please forgive me for not writing any blogs these past few weeks, my colleagues and I have been very busy with projects. For this month, my instructor has advised us to read & summarize the book “Communications Today: 4th Edition” by William Ryan and Theodore Conover. So far, I have read the first chapter and I am loving this book already. So without further delay, here is the latest summary.




Throughout my reading of Chapter 1, the very first is thing that caught my eye was on page 2. It was the introductory quote from Henry Wolfe, stressing the importance of how Visual Communication plays a key factor in all aspects of the graphic design field today. As I read this quote, I immediately agreed with Henry Wolfe & his view of visual communication. Also as I continued to read this chapter, another crucial piece of information caught my eye on page 7 of how visual communication has its own guidelines & processes, which during my 7 months that I have been in the Design and Multimedia program at Keiser University that I am seeing for myself and I am blessed to be seeing this processes revealed right before my very eyes. Also on page 7, I was also reminded of how all graphic designers need to stay on top with the latest popular trends of today, which to me is one of the most crucial points of being a great graphic designer.




Throughout my reading of this chapter, I also found 3 crucial steps that we all need to know to better understand visual communication: how we see, how communication works with basic communication,and how the theories of visual communication need to apply to various audiences,messages,and situations. Remember these steps my fellow colleagues and blog readers, how well we visually communicate will play a major key factor in our careers as graphic designers,so visually communicate very well or else you may be looking for another job. I also discovered another piece of vital information on page 15 which simply is stated by Marshall McLuhan: “The Medium is the Message and The Medium is the Massage.” What McLuhan meant when he said this quote is this:


  • The medium of a message is shaped by three factors:

    • The channel

    • The audience

    • Inherent distractions

  • The medium of massage is defined as the kneading,manipulation,and literal shaping of our relationship in regard to culture.

  • To me, the medium of a message will play a crucial part of visual communication. If the messages medium is presented well, it will be received well. If there are issues with the medium of a message, you may run into some issues.


Another thing that I discovered through my reading was on pages 22-35, where they discuss the visual communication theory & Omniphasism more in depth. Here are the key points that I have learned through my reading of these pages:


  • As Graphic Designers, the more we know the basics of the visual communication theory, the better.

  • The term Omniphasism is defined as to learn the balance the two primary cognitive systems in our brain, the rational & intuitive parts.

  • Rick Williams view of the visual communication theory has caused quite a few debates with various Luminaries,philosophers,researchers,and artists.

  • According to the book, the seven basic approaches to visual communication are:

    • The Gestalt Theory

    • The Semiotics Theory

    • The Constructivism Theory

    • The Huxley/Lester Model

    • The Ecological Theory

    • The Cognitive Theory

    • The Omniphasism Theory


The bottom line: understanding these 7 basic theories will greatly help us to become better graphic designers so please study & learn more a about these theories, I know that I will.




In conclusion, this chapter taught me of the importance of how visual communication will play a crucial role in my graphic design career & never to take my gift of vision for granted. I also learned from this chapter that although we may never fully understand the visual communication theory,the more that we learn about the visual communication theories, the better graphic designers & visual communicators we will be. I hope that all of you have enjoyed this summary and have learned at least something from this today. Until next week my fellow colleagues,professor, and blog readers!






Discussion Questions:




  1. In your own terms, define the definition of Omniphasism.






  1. Who were the founders of the Huxley-Lester Model Theory? How did each of these men discover this theory?