Our Visit with Marilu

Yesterday my colleagues and I were blessed to have Ms. Marilu Trujillo in our class. Marilu is a graphic designer/fine artist & is also a 2009 graduate of our design and multimedia program at Keiser University. Since her graduation, she has became a freelance designer, mainly working on projects for her friends & for her church and she recently came back from Havant,England where she was doing a Internship for the company SIM720. Her short-term goal is to return to England via work visa & eventually become a natural resident there. She would also like to own her own business one day.

Even though she graced us with her sweet presence & wowed my colleagues and I with her amazing previous projects, she did give us some advice that I would like to share with each and every one of you:

1. Before you begin any project, do your research first!

2. Brand yourself, get out in the world and tell the public that you are a Graphic Designer & show them your work!

3. With every project, spacing between text is crucial.

Overall, it was a real treat having Marilu stop by and visit our class. I wish nothing but best wishes for both her & her boyfriend, their futures. If you would like to see some of her amazing work, please visit http://marilutrujillo.com/. Have a blessed day one and all! 🙂