Introduction To The Branding Process Part II



As I continue to read “Designing Brand Identity”, I fall more in love with the book with every page that I read. I also love the fact that I am learning key vital information that will help me survive out there in the graphic design field. Ladies and gentlemen, I hope each and every one of you enjoy reading this summary.

Through my personal reading, I continued to learn all about the brand designing process. The very first thing that caught my eye was on page 142. On page 142, it discusses the 10 basic design principles, which are:

1.Know why the change is needed.

2.Assess the impact of the name change.

3.Know your options.

4.Know what you are trying to say.

5. Say no to trendy names.

6. Specific names are not cool!

7. Empty vessel names are a no-no!

8. Make sure only you own your name.

9. Renaming a company does not change everything.

10. Transition with confidence.

Remember my fellow colleagues and readers, naming your business is no walk in the park. It takes a lot of thought and time to come up with, even if you are renaming your business.

Through my studies, I also discovered that color is approximately 60% of a decision maker in regard to your client, so to put it short and simple, choose your color wisely. I also learned through my studies that the other key factors that play vital parts of the creation of branding design include (along with color):


2. Logotype and Signature.

3. Sound.

4. Trial applications.

5. Animation.

6. Look and feel.

Bottom line folks, these key factors can make any of your design ideas sink or swim, so please choose wisely when you come up with your design ideas. Another key piece of information that I discovered was how the book stressed in regard to planning presentation meetings in advance. To me, this is crucial because if you wait until the last minute to plan your meeting, chaos will more than likely happen, PLAN AHEAD! 

The final thing that I will cover in my summary today will be correspondence. Did you know that even with advancing technology that the best form of communication is letters ? Yes, even though it is less common in the world today, letter writing is still the best form of communication done from one business to another today. 

To conclude this summary, I just want to say that this book was by far the best one that I have read. I have learned so much from this book and it has greatly helped me in my journey to becoming a amazing graphic designer. I will continue to read this book during my spring break, I kindly advise that my colleagues will do so as well. For those you who have enjoyed my blog posts, thank you so much, I love reading your sweet replies. Have a wonderful spring break my colleagues and blog readers!




6 thoughts on “Introduction To The Branding Process Part II

  1. nicholas a scott says:

    I agree with you about the book

  2. photokid10 says:

    Why do you think typography is important

  3. dreammcs4u says:

    Great Job Donna. You are so efficient. I can tell that you’ve gotten a lot out of this course. I like how you mentioned how color is 60% (over half) of the decision making so choose wisely….then you have your Wiser Vaporizer logo that ties everything together about your blog. Again…Great Job!

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