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As I continue to read the “Designing Brand Identity” book, not only does it aid me in my journey to becoming a successful graphic designer, the more I enjoy the book. On Monday, my amazing instructor gave us the assignment of reading pages 90-141, a assignment which I happily accepted. Without further delay my fellow blog readers,colleagues, and Mr.Downs, here comes another great blog.


Throughout my personal reading of this assignment, I concluded the basics portion of branding and was delightfully introduced to the process of branding. As I started reading this chapter the other day, I was reminded of the definition of personal branding and the identity process (pages 90-91). In regard to these two pages, the main thing that caught my eye was “The 6 Career Secrets” which are:

1. There is no plan.

2. Focus more on your strengths over your weaknesses.

3. It is not all about you!

4. Persistance conquers over talent.

5. Make excellent mistakes.

6. Leave a imprint.

As I read these 6 simple steps, I found them to be so true. I also realized that I needed to apply this more in all aspects of my life. I would like to take this time to thank Daniel H.Pink for sharing his amazing secrets with me & my colleagues, it really helps out a lot. The second most important thing that caught my eye was on pages 92-100, which is it is okay to update your design over time. To me, I think it should be mandatory to update your logo at least every 2-5 years, in order to keep up with the latest logo trends and also to possibly promote business more as well. Remember, the more design work that you do, the better designer you will be. As I introduced myself to the process of brand design, this little vital piece of information caught my eye:

The Process for Success:

1. Conducting research.

2. Clarifying the strategy.

3. Creating your identity.

4. Designing your touch points.

5. Managing your assets.

As I read these steps, I was reminded of the importance of following the design process in the proper order. Remember, even one tiny skip in the design process can not only throw your entire project off, but it will also put your final identity at risk. Through my reading I also learned of how collaboration,decision making, intellectual property,and design management all will come into play in the making of a brand design. 

In regard to phase one of the design process, which is conducting research:

1. It is okay to request baseline information from the company that you are working with.

2. Always interview the stakeholders of any business that you are working with.

3. Come up with professional questions to ask your client.

4. Gain insight.

5. Research!

6. Use the testing technique.

7. Use the marketing audit technique.

8. Use the competitive and language audit technique as well.

9. Read out your audit signals.

In regard to phase two of the brand design process, which is clarifying your strategy:

1. Have a clear & defined brand strategy.

2. Redefine & create your brand strategy.

3. Narrow your focus.

4. Practice the positioning technique.

5. Say yes to brand briefing.

6. Naming is 20% creative & 80% Policy. 

In conclusion, I learned the final basic steps of branding and also delightfully introduced myself to the brand design process. If you have yet to get this book please get it, it is a great book with a lot of helpful information & encouraging quotes. I truly hope that reading this summary has had a positive impact on each and everyone of you. Until next week my fellow blog readers and colleagues!





4 thoughts on “Introduction To The Branding Process

  1. Wyldwun says:

    I really enjoyed reading your post and it is very informative. I do have a question for you. With the creating brand process does it have to include very step and guideline, or can smaller companies starting out can skip a few steps because they are new, when is it acceptable? Or is it acceptable?

    • In my opinion, I would highly recommend that you do follow every step, regardless of what design firm that you work for. I say this because when you design anything, the more organized that you are, the less you will get frustrated, the less “screw-ups” that will happen, and the better pre-change & post-change order that you will have. Thank you so much! 🙂

  2. Csaxc says:

    Great blog Donna. You really put a lot of time and effort into this. Your “site” looks great too!

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