It’s All About Branding! Part Two



As I continue to read this amazing book, I fall more and more in love with the book and learn so much. Through my reading of “Designing Brand Identity” pages 50-89, again did I not only enjoy reading these 39 pages, I also learned so much vital key information as well. Please be prepared fellow colleagues, readers of my blog, and Mr. Down’s, here’s another great summary read that you are about to set your eyes on.


One of the first of many key things that caught my eye through my personal study was on page 50. On page 50, the book discussed all about the sequence of cognition & how it relates in regard to brand awareness. On this page, I discovered:


  • The science of perception examines how individuals will not only recognize stimuli, but will also impact the interpretation of stimuli in regard to a brand.

  • That the visual images that you create will be both remembered & recognized.

  • The three key components of sequence cognition are: shape,color,and form.


The second thing that caught my attention through my reading was the ways that you can use abstract marks, letter form marks, pictorial marks, and word marks in regard to designing your brand logo. I was also very impressed with the examples that they gave for each term. In regard to where the book discussed emblems I discovered a very vital piece of advice, “The elements are never isolated”(Wheeler, Designing Brand Identity, page 60).


Another thing that caught my eye through my reading was the examples that the book provided in regard to the use of dynamic marks in some brand logos. As I continued to read the page where the book discussed dynamic marks, I found this quote that is so true: “The visual identity needed to be a true reflection of what we heard or saw: an inclusive,vibrant, and vital institution built on creativity, risk, and innovation”-Bruce Mau. As I read this simple quote, I wanted to shout out amen, but I knew that I could not because I did not want to disturb my roommates and neighbors.


Through my reading I was also reminded of how the the latest technology has greatly advanced in the creation of our current brand logo designs that we see today. I also discovered through my reading of how the country of China alone has positively impacted branding design today as well and how they use positive words over negative words in their brand designs.



Through my reading I also was interested & impressed in how the book described private labeling as well. The book also provided great examples of single master brand, which is defined as monolithic brand architecture and multiple brands or pluralistic brand architecture.

Also through my reading I also discovered how both brand licensing, certification,and crisis communications also play key factors in regard to brand logos.


In conclusion, pages 50-89 tell us more about the vital techniques we need to not only know, but learn as well. If I had to come up with any piece of advice to my fellow colleagues this week, I would say this, remember my fellow colleagues, please do not read these summaries just to get a grade and please Mr.Downs, but take every word & advice from professionals already out In the field in this book & practice and think about this. I want each and everyone of you to succeed once you get out in the field, as does Mr.Downs. I know it may get hard and challenging at times, but everything that we do in class is important. Keep doing an amazing job my fellow colleagues, we got this!





2 thoughts on “It’s All About Branding! Part Two

  1. Wyldwun says:

    I really enjoy reading your blog and the information you stated. Especially about what China is doing. How they use positive word instead of negative words. It goes to show you just how much of a culture difference there is. Americans tend to destroy what they don’t understand or can make sense of. While other cultures embrace the unknown. I do believe that there should alway be caution when dealing with the unknown but not ignorance. Thanks for that bit of wonderful information.

  2. Thank you my sweet colleague. You are 100% correct on that one, I truly enjoyed reading the section about China. You’re welcome. 🙂

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