My Favorite Brand Is…………………

My favorite brand is the Apple brand. The reason why that I chose Apple to be the brand that I most admire is:

1. The fact that the brand is simple. The logo is an apple and the font used ย is a arial-based kind of font, and those two main key factors complement the “Less is more” theory.

2. They keep it basic and clean. For example, how they demonstrate all of their products all on a clean & white background, which will immediately catch the interested consumer’s eye.

3. That they keep it post-post modernistic (as Mr.Hobbs would say) and they constantly keep up with modern technology today.

In regard to how my answer relates to what I have read, It relates to several things. First, of how they spent countless hours over 20 years ago creating the apple brand. Secondly, after all these years of how they can still keep up with not only the latest technology of today, but also how over the years they can update & keep their brand simple and clean. Third and lastly, How much the Apple company and their stakeholders perfectly took all the techniques described in these pages to continue to have their brand and business succeed for over 20 years and counting.



10 thoughts on “My Favorite Brand Is…………………

  1. Great post about the iconic Apple logo. Why do you think they went away from the rainbow color in the logo from 1976 here.

    • I believe the reason why they did away with the rainbow color with the apple logo is this: back in the 1970’s to the 1990’s, the rainbow color apple was the popular trend. But as we entered into the 21st century, I believe that apple realized that the rainbow colored apple was out of fashion, so they decided to upgrade the apple to a simple black and white logo to keep up with the latest trend. Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Wyldwun says:

    I understand the reason why you like Apple, and its logo. I do agree that it is a very clean logo. Even in their ads and commercials. But one thing I did notice it that when you choose that, all white clean look, you have a very high standard to live up to. Once something does not work right or something fails your faithful consumers will be outraged even over the smallest of details. Just like the problem they had with their map app. It was a small problem but consumers was very upset about it. But what many consumers don’t understand it that these things can happen. The public eye does not view it the same way. They view it as an insult. Because Apple is not suppose to make mistakes or errors. They cannot have problems ever. That is what we as consumers expect when we power on those i-product, perfection all the time, every time. That is the standard of Apple and they have delivered with countless technology advancements.

  3. photokid10 says:

    Would you like your logo to be simple and clean like the Apple Logo

    • Yes. The reason that I say yes is because as designers, we have to be careful in regard to how much we want to put in the logo, but not to “modge-podge” (put too much) into the logo. Remember what Professor Saraa said, “Less is so much more”, to me this statement especially holds true in regard to Graphic Design. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. dreammcs4u says:

    Donna, Great choice in picking the Apple Logo. It’s very important that our Brand Identity stands the test of time as well!!!

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