After Effects Research

Skittles – YouTube


Our Instructor began Multimedia Production III off by telling us to give 2 examples of After Effects used in Social Media Today. In this Skittles commercial, what I found most appealing was the after effect of the guy with what it seems to be a candy dispenser with skittles on his abdomen, which I thought was really awesome but I can imagine the person who created this after effect may have had a hard time, it took that person many hours to complete. 

Hell’s Kitchen Season 10 Intro – YouTube

As you watch this after effect intro, you can see the person and or people who created this  definitely worked their bums off to get this amazing final identity. You can also see they used more than one after effect on this one as well. I would say my most favorite after effect of this clip though would be the fire after effect, although I loved all of the other elements and after effects that went along with this clip, I loved the fire after effect the most because in my opinion, it gave that the punch and pizazz to really make that clip great.

FREE Adobe after effects template #3 HD 1080p (CS4 project file) – YouTube

In regards to my example of my cool after effect, I chose this example for the simplicity it seems to have. It was a basic white background with a black text, In which I liked. I also loved how each text moved so quickly, also in different directions as well. I also loved how post-post modernistic this after effect text seems to be as well. 


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