October 2012 AIGA Morning Leak! :)

This morning I was blessed and honored to have attended my very first AIGA Morning Leak, it was a treat. Everyone there was friendly, All of the presenters and their work were amazing, they even served my favorite coffee, Starbucks, and no offense Folgers but the real best part of waking up is Starbucks in your cup, LOL! But my most favorite part was seeing each of the The first presenter we were blessed to see today was the lovely Tiffany Manning, a freelance photographer/ graphic designer who most recently got a new building  for her business. What impressed me the most about Tiffany was the fact that she was using her talent to help non-for-profit organizations such as Baptist Health Disability Services and EPIC, to use your talents to help out so many people in need with a unselfish heart is more rewarding than just to do the project. I also loved the fact that she stressed the importance of how communication is key between designer and client. Bravo Tiffany! The second one that came up to present his most recent final identities was Sean Collins, and my oh my Is he brave and very creative. My favorite part of  his presentation was seeing his latest winning poster, which he dressed himself as Cleopatra and worked many hours to finally win his first AIGA Summer Poster Contest, Kudos to you Sean! He is also part of the annual fundraiser, Movember, In which every November, him and 25-30 other people grow mustaches to spread Men’s Health Awareness. The third presenter was Brittany Norris, a multi-talented Graphic Designer whose work is beautiful, cool, and hip. What Impressed me the most about her was her website design for the local charity she supports, DIG Local, Inc. and I loved the design of the web page, brilliant Job Brittany! The last presenter of this morning was Jesse Sisson, who is currently a Graphic Designer for All-State who came up with the coolest, most modern Vehicle Contract for his company. I also loved his other 2 peices of work as well, Dying Eyes and Iron Man Costume, which was awesome. Way to go Jesse! At the conclusion of the meeting, they gave each of us a flyer of the upcoming AIGA events, which I liked too. I cannot wait for the next Morning Leak meeting! Best and blessings!

  Mrs.E 🙂


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