Goodbye Multimedia Production 1…………..

Wow, I cannot believe that Friday will be the very last day of Multimedia Production I class, it seems just yesterday we had our first day. So much has happened in my life these past 4 weeks, they were hard and trying times, there were also blessed ones as well. In regards to using Adobe flash for the first time ever in my life, all I got to say is it was quite a challenge, but a good challenge though, but still I learned through my toughest times with flash that learning adobe flash is most certainly no walk in the park, it takes a lot of practice and time to master this program,most but I never gave up through those toughest times, I sought each and every project I did through to the end and I have to say that is a accomplishment for me, seeking a task from start to end without anyone or anything getting in my way.  In regards to my next 2 projects that I did, I would have to say both were a little easier, but I still struggled, but I learned and got through it and that is what counts. I am currently working on my final project, my very own kinetic typography of Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake”, so far im finding this project easier than what I expected, It also makes me realize that I am more of a free creator instead of remaking a close to identical current kinetic typography, but with more practice and experience I will overcome that hurdle too, like always. As far as my strengths versus weaknesses go for my 2nd month, as my husband likes to say, It’s like this:

My strengths this month were;

  • My frustrating moments are improving, starting to become less frequent. (now if I can only cut my frequent bathroom trips during class, i would be straight.)
  • My graphic design skills are improving by the day and per project! 🙂
  • I am conquering Adobe Flash!
  • I am also getting more into my awesome writing and copyright groove again, even my instructor loves my writings.

I would have to say my only drawbacks were my frustrating episodes (got a little too dramatic at times), the frequent bathroom trips (which i hate having the urge to go to the bathroom at least 2 times during class, ugh.) and my time tracking skills must improve, but I know I can overcome these hurdles, become an even stronger woman in the end.  If I had any advice to give to all who read this, it is this simple piece of advice, when you fall off the horse, get back on the saddle or in lamens terms, never give up on anything that you want to accomplish in life, all those obstacles that may try to get in your way, push them to the side and keep going and the only way those obstacles will overcome you is if you let them, don’t do that. Best and blessings to one and all.

Mrs.Donna Marie Evans  (as of 10/5/12!)


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