The See-Saw Effect Project/ My First Experience With Adobe Flash- My Take On It.

Well, fellow classmates, we have just concluded our very first Adobe Flash CS5 project, and even though it was just a bit of a challenge for all including myself,  WE DID IT AND WE ROCKED IT IN OUR OWN WAY! This just comes to prove to all of us, that if we can conquer this project, we can conquer every thing else we can do in this class! Good job guys! :).  If I had to say all my strengths in this project, they would be:

1. I did a much better job with my timetracking,YAY!

2. Even though I felt like I wanted to give up on my project the second day, I DID NOT. And finishing a task/project without quitting Is always an awesome accomplishment.

3. I am getting more adjusted and comfortable with Flash quicker than I expected.

4. And I was much more prepared for my presentation compared to the last one I did, and even had a summary of what I was going to say typed! YAY!

In regards to my weaknesses, my temper, my temper, my temper! Still need to learn how to control that better when I am frustrated over a challenging task, especially when its some issue I have never tackled on before.(Luckily for me, i can calm down pretty quick if allowed to). Plus my time was still just a bit slower than what it needs to be, but the more projects I do, the faster I will become, so it is all good. I also would like to add that all of the high school students that visited our class seemed to really enjoy the brief time they spent visiting us, all of them were very respectful and conducted themselves as mature young adults, and It was a honor and a joy for me to see all of them be so enthusiastic & excited about our program, the willingness to go ahead and take the next crucial step in their lives and look into college. Sadly, I see many teenagers out there that think partying, having tons of fun doing destructive things, and being lazy out there now and days, so this was a refreshing change and it reignited my hope that its still not too late for our youth to make positive decisions while they are still young before its too late.  Now, my fellow classmates, I have also noticed that some of you are still a tad nervous about presenting. Here are some helpful tips (they have helped me greatly!):

1. Be confident, kick that nervousness and presentation anxiety to the curb! Simply saying “I can do this” will help you tremendously, along with practice.

2. Stomped on how to present? write/type a summary of what you want to say! It not only helps you present better, plus it will cut down on presentation time/nervousness too.

3. During the presentation, you get stomped with what you want to say? Don’t pause, keep talking. Pausing while speaking not only frustrates you more, but it makes the mind go blank, thus ruining the entire presentation.

4. Practice makes perfect! Rehearse your presentation as many times as you need to get confident with your upcoming presentation. Self-explanatory.

And make sure you send positive feedback/kudos to our awesome instructor, Mr. Downs, for being such a awesome host and presenting our class so well in front of the high school students. Have a great weekend comrades! Best and Blessings!:)



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