The 5 Under 2 Minute Flash Animation Assignment

Ya-ne-sen a go-go

This flash clip resembles a japanese woman celebrating the japanese culture. What drew me to this first flash movie clip was the music, it was traditional japanese music that was one of the main elements that made the flash clip really amazing and pop-out to me, i could tell just by the japanese music alone that this was a japanese flash clip. Secondly, I loved the fact that the creator of this flash clip used original sketch drawings with color, that was another element that made this flash clip really pop-out in my opinion, plus it made it original and made it really stand out. Thirdly, I also really loved the fonts that the creator used and the fact that the creator used japanese words, along with english words as well. I also loved the color and the textures that the creator of this flash clip used as well. A definite must-see!

YA-NE-SEN a Go Go on Vimeo

Paris vs.New York

The first thing that caught my eye on this one was the graphics, I loved how they did the graphics, very modern, colorful, very unique, and very cool! I also loved how they compared the various different culture practice comparing between people in New York and people living in Paris, that element within itself also drew me to like this flash clip more as well. The fonts they used were very modern and super cool to me too, so kudos to the creator on that one as well! But what I absolutely loved the most about this flash clip was the music, and wow was the music cool! I loved how they incorporated the Paris themed music along with the American post-post modern music.  Overall, I would say that i really enjoyed watching this flash clip, enjoyable!

Paris vs New York on Vimeo


The first thing i would say that caught my eye on this was the black and white color scheme to this one, with the tad dash of the various vibrant colors, to me this was the most attractive feature to this flash clip by itself. I also loved the fact that they kept the main images used on this flash clip with an origami-paper themed to it, this also appealed to me in this flash clip as well, but it does not beat the various color themes that were used on this flash clip. In regards to the fonts on this flash clip, I would say the font that was most used on here gave the flash clip a post-post modernistic, futuristic feel to this flash clip. But overall, the flash clip was a great flash clip with a post-post modernistic feel and touch to it.

ILUMINA on Vimeo

Live Action Paint Lighting//TECH:TEST

This flash clip is an absolute must see for people who love post-post modernistic, futuristic, high technology fans who love lights and color! I loved, loved the city scenes they used on this flash clip, this was one of the key elements that made this flash clip absolutely awesome! Secondly, the music they used on this flash clip was so cool and very post-post modernistic and bottom line, the music that was used on here was suited very well for this flash clip. Thirdly, the lights, oh the colorful lights! this was just another key aspect that drew me to this flash clip, especially of how the people’s use for the lights to make really cool swirly shapes to it, very eye catching. Overall, I would have to conclude this flash clip review as a very post-modernistic and extremely well thought and put together flash clip that could one day be popular.

Live action light painting // TECH:TEST on Vimeo

Simpsons vs. Family Guy

Lets get ready to rumble! That’s right this flash clip is all about our two favorite television families, The Simpsons and The Griffin Family (aka Family Guy).  Ok, In regards to the images, Simpsons side was perfect, perfect clips, you know the awesome Simpsons introduction we have all come to know and love. But In regards to The Family Guy Side, It was just a hot mess! The vast majority of the images were blurry, you could only see just a few clear images, it was just not good. Lets just say this, back to the good old fashioned drawing board creator of this flash clip!

Simpsons vs. Family Guy on Vimeo


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