Donna’s Own Personal Take On Her Final Project- B.O.D.

Wow, I cannot believe that tomorrow that I am going to conclude my first month in my design journey, my how time flies!. I have learned so much these past four weeks already and I am ready for more knowledge. In regards to my final project, I discovered it to be just a tad bit easier than the group design project.  To me, my strengths were the following, I was a lot less nervous during my meetings with Alberto, I was much quicker and more comfortable  with the professional camera, my speed in completing the invoice was much improved and so much easier to do compared to two weeks ago.  As far as my weaknesses are concerned, and I am not afraid to admit this, when it came to the time tracking software, I was a bad little girl, lol, but all joking aside, I definitely need to get more familiar with the time tracking software, thank goodness I can time track manually. Secondly, and this is partially due to my mild autism, I need to try to not get so frustrated to the point where people see it, although many years of my own self-anger management practice has helped me tremendously over the last 12 years, I still need improvement in this area. I also I still had just a bit of nervousness and anxiety as well, but I know that will go away with the combination of time and experience, It is no question whether or not I can or cannot do this with my disability, I know I can do this and I know I will succeed! So many people that have came across my path judged me, bullied me, and tried to put every road block known to man across my path in life, but I have and still am proving them wrong! If I have any advice to give you folks is this, you can do anything you set your mind to, don’t let anyone or anything get in the way of what you want in life.  Overall, I have done a better job on my individual project than the group project, but i am still a diamond in the rough, still have some improving to do.  I conclude with this, One month down, 13 more months to go, Bring on Multimedia Production I! Best and blessings.:)


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