Chapter 7-Business Of Design


In my study of Chapter 7,  I discovered it told me about all the assets of the world of design and all of the products and hard work used to create a final identity.  In the Products section of the chapter, It tells us that creating designs is easier said than done at times and it can become a quite expensive design process as well. To pretty much sum this up in my own terms, If you think the design business is easy, think again. It takes a lot of money, requires a person to have a lot of patience, experience, and it takes a strong person with proficient business knowledge to survive in the design business. In my study of the photography portion of the chapter, it pretty much stresses out the importance of how crucial it is to have the right image for your design product and how expensive and pricey it is just to create that perfect image, that is if your business can afford a professional photographer. I also discovered in this chapter that many design businesses can not afford professional photographers, so either the design firm takes their own pictures and/or they will buy their images via a stock photography supplier. Also it reminded me that looking through endless photos to find that image can be time consuming and quite a daunting task, but it’s just something you got to get over and the thing that you have to do in order to get a successful final identity (product) in the end, so its worth it. Its also important (according to the book) that when finding a stock photography business, do your homework and research, that way you will find the right company that will have the images that you need. And to all you freelancers out there, keep stock resources in mind and be smart about this!. In my study of reading the fonts section of the chapter, it told me of how many design students can take the fonts they use on projects overboard, and how even some design schools have banned students from adding new fonts to the school computers. It also said that once you graduate college, that you will find finds can be extremely expensive, especially for free lancers and small design shops as well.  The bottom line for this section: 1. you are best off buying licensed fonts and 2. when doing fonts on a product, keep the font that the client would like in mind, remember, In any business, your customers are always #1 and what they desire is top priority. and 3. If you use a font that requires permission from a creator, don’t steal it, ask! and always sign and agree to the end user license agreement as well and you should be just fine. In my study of the video section of the chapter, I discovered that the book tells us that only the largest design firms will incorporate video to their graphic design projects. It also told me of how because of the internet, that the video aspect of design is growing, how graphic design is expanding via video.  The chapter also told me that using video for graphic design can be very expensive, from legal licensing to getting the video equipment, and that is why many design firms generally cannot afford to do video in regards to the final identities/projects that they create. In my study of the Illustration section of the chapter, it told me that just like photos and videos are licensed, so are illustrations and line art as well via stock resources. And folks, before you put those old comp rough drafts away from old projects, keep them! They may can be used for future work in other industries. Also, I found in this section that illustration and typeface may have different licenses as well, so if you use typeface/illustration, license properly please!:) In my study of the licenses section, I discovered that licenses can burn a hole in your wallet (in regards to how much your product will be) as well and make sure you license well too, or else you will be up a creek on a boat with no paddle. I also found that how they described each of the different licenses(royalty-free,rights managed, rights ready, and creative commons) very informative and simple to understand. The bottom line for chapter 7: If you think that the process of designing final identities are easy, think again. Now you know how difficult it is. Best and blessings to one and all!:)


1. What are the four types of licensing?

2. Explain to me in your own terms of why creating all designs so expensive and why is it so important to take the time and come out with the best final project.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 7-Business Of Design

  1. LauraAMassey says:

    Q- 1) The 4 types of licensing are 1- Royalty Free 2- Rights Managed 3- Rights Ready & 4- Creative commons. Good question! :o)

  2. LWinters84 says:

    In response to question 2, I don’t think all created designs have to be expensive, but usually the quality of the work is reflected in the price. Also, it is vital to produce the best work possible because it is your reputation, your time, and the client’s investment that is on the line.

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