Business Of Design-Chapter 4


In my reading of Chapter 4, It really opened my eyes in the relationship between talent and marketing. The very first section In chapter 4 gave me the perfect explanation of how marketing is a unique position in the Graphic design field, how it is a major key factor to market your product to not only the best of your ability, but also to your advantage as well. The first section also explained perfectly the terms of usp/ump, and how It is extremely important to not only come up with the best unique selling proposition tactic you can when selling a product. I also found the example of the good vs. bad usp selling tactic very helpful and informative as well and it also tells you what the right way to market a product would be and what the wrong way to market a product would be. One valuable piece of advice I  found through my reading was simply this “In marketing, your selling proposition must match what the client has offered” to put it more simply, when you market with your client, you and the client you are working with must come to a middle ground in regards to pricing, selling your client your idea for their business, It may seem like a easy task, but it is an far from easy task, you will pretty much find yourself  planning your selling tactic for hours and even days literally (Im not Joking). Another thing I have learned through my reading of this chapter is another key factor in marketing, detail! you must have clear, informative, and precise detail that not only you can explain perfectly to your client, but the client has to also understand as well so when you do meet to discuss pricing and the proposed invoice, that your client will have a clear understanding of the services that you are about to offer to them.  The bottom line is this: while you are promoting the sell of your product, you must promote yourself as well and win over your potential client in order to gain their business. Another thing I learned from this chapter is, always have your portfolio handy with you at all times, It may help you win over clients.  Make sure you practice your people person or soft skills, why you may ask? because in my reading, i found that in order for you to move up the design firm ladder, you must master your soft skills or in simple terms, your people person skills or else you will probably find yourself still in production 10 years later and I am pretty sure none of you want to find yourselves stuck in that position.  As I continued to read on, I also found that location is another key factor that comes into play in regards to marketing. One of the great perks of the ever-so-advancing technology today is the fact that we can not only hold national and international meetings via skype and advanced phone technology, but we can also send ideas and presentations as quickly as a few seconds to minutes. Another thing found interesting that I learned through my chapter reading is the fact that just because you have your firm in a big city not only it will not be cheaper, but it also carries the possibility that your company may never become a big name brand In the field.  In regards to the vertical market section of the chapter, I can safely come to the conclusion that having a vertical market is a great advantage to have in your business, but still always be willing to learn new things. In Regards to the sales funnel, I found the Illustration to be very helpful and self-explanatory. I also found this section of this chapter that it strongly promotes the repeat client theory, it not only promote more business via great design-client relationship, but it also opens the door for more profit and overall increased prosperity. I also found this chapter to perfectly explain the importance of solid and good prospecting and by the way, the book advises us to stay clear of the cold prospects and focus on getting the warmer prospects, what I am trying to say here is start with the people you know first, then work your way into people you do not know so well over a period of time.  As far as leads are concerned, make sure 1. that both you and your future client can meet in the middle in regards to all aspects of the business proposal and 2. make sure they can actually pay you at least 50% upfront before you begin the design job that they wish to be done. Also, before accepting a client, make sure both you and your client can come to middle ground in regards to time. Also, the book provides a great example of how important the conversion rate is to marketing. So folks, In conclusion to this summary, the fine art of marketing in regards to the design field may seem easy, but in reality is no walk in the park. It takes a lot of patience,confidence, work, and experience over time. Best and Blessings to you all!:)


1.  Describe to me, in your own terms how to determine whether a prospective client will be good or bad.

2. Why are people skills so important in marketing?


9 thoughts on “Business Of Design-Chapter 4

  1. photokid10 says:

    People skills are important cause if you don’t know how to talk to a client then you wont bring in any good business cause you might scare them away

  2. LWinters84 says:

    Very detailed post, Donna. I believe people skills are vital in marketing because things and ideas don’t physically pay you. You have to be able to appeal to people, whether socially, spiritually, emotionally, or otherwise if you want to win them over and have them choose to spend money on your service or product.

  3. Question 1 : They are interested in what I have to offer, the service they are looking for I can provide , I can meet their deadline and they can pay.

  4. Thanks y’all. I love your summaries and questions as well. Im so lucky and blessed to be around such amazing, brilliant people like all of you.:)

  5. lamgramm2 says:

    Q- 2) People skills are important to marketing to gain leads and increase repeat business.

  6. Alberto says:

    people skills are important because nobody wants to work with someone who isn’t managable or personable. I know that from experience

  7. And I believe you on that one, I know that from my own personal experiences as well working various jobs during my 27 years here on this earth.

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