Business Of Design-Chapter 2

In my reading of chapter 2 in the Business Of Design book, I found this chapter to be another informative and interesting chapter. What first caught my eye in this chapter was how they described Logic vs.Emotion and how they used the “Supply and Demand” method as a great example of how to illustrate this example to predict markets and make business decisions in regards to selling a product. Another appealing topic I found through my reading is how profit can make or break a business, why that profit is the most maligned aspect of business. I also found all of the case studies in this chapter to be very helpful and extremely informative. I was also amazed by the hard work and determination they put into each of their final designs and the strong patience they had after working so hard on so many rough drafts to get to their final identity. I also found it interesting in my reading of how businessmen and businesswomen are now beginning to understand the artists creative thought, and of how the artist is now beginning to understand and respect the business aspect in regards to their business. Thus causing the two sides to appreciate and understand one another and producing a final identity. I found the advice on page 32 to be empowering and extremely helpful as well, it reminded me to treat my job as if i treat school, learn something everyday!:). In conclusion, chapter 2 really opened my eyes and made me understand how business comes into play in the graphic arts design field. It also reminded me of how crucial of how business and designers need to work together, understand each other to get a great and profit making final entity, so it can be a win-win situation for both client and designer. Best and Blessings!:)

Discussion Questions

1.How important Is profit to a business and why?

2. Describe in your own terms, How a business places heavily on logic and numbers.


4 thoughts on “Business Of Design-Chapter 2

  1. Alberto says:

    great summary Donna, and to answer your question question numero uno, profit is what sustains a business, without profit business cannot stay afloat. Profit is the biggest motivation for any business owner.

  2. photokid10 says:

    1) without profit no business.

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