Business of Design-Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Summary

When I read chapter 1 last night, I came to the conclusion that it was a very nice and informative introductory to the book. It really prepared me for what i am going to learn over the course of the next 3 weeks. Also since beginning to read this book, I finding it very helpful thus far that this book is not only giving you the textbook business information that you need, but it is giving you great advice and wisdom from experts in the field as well. As I was reading, what attracted me the most to the chapter was how they described the similarities and differences between the different types of firms (Freelance, In-house,Small-Firm,Large Firm) and which one would be the best and most recommended firm for recent college graduates in this field. I also liked the fact that they also gave us the highest and lowest wages that both a Graphic Art Designer and an Art Director can make per hour and per year. I also learned in this chapter that only the best and most determined designers succeed in this business and that in order to succeed in this business, you must have the heart and deep compassion for Graphic Art and Design. Lastly, this chapter reminded me that while Graphic Art and Design can be a fun and interesting career, It is also a business as well where you have to treat this profession in a business perspective, but no matter whether you are a freelancer or working in a large-firm, you must deliver a design that your client not only loves, but you have a time period to complete each of your clients designs as well.


Discussion Questions

1. What is the highest yearly annual salary a Graphic Arts Designer can make? What is the lowest?

2. Is the Graphic Art and Design profession for everyone (including all artists)?


6 thoughts on “Business of Design-Chapter 1

  1. alberto says:

    the lowest would be 24,000, making the highest 53,000

  2. LWinters84 says:

    I have a response for question number 1. This will not take a lot of elaboration, and I’m not joking about my answer. The lowest annual salary a graphic designer can make is $0. Stepping outside of the industry and statistical answers, if a designer does not put his full self into his work, he will not live up to his potential. Also, if a designer does not consider professionalism and integrity, they will find it hard to find/maintain steady work and may ultimately fail.

    On the other hand, there is NO limit to income potential in any job, let alone graphic design. Even if you’re working for an agency/firm and the most they will pay you is $43,000, you can develop your own business plan and create a product or service that may triple or quadruple the amount of your salary from your job. The only limits that exist are the ones we place on ourselves! Don’t “think outside the box”…..Realize that THERE IS NO BOX!!

  3. Laura Massey says:

    Question 2- Graphic Art & Design may not be the ‘profession’ for ALL Artist, but ALL professions can benefit (financially) from a good grasp on the ever growing technology of computers and design.

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